Builder’s Tool Kit

December 18, 2019

Nylon Tipped Pliers

We take building very seriously at SaddlehorseBlues and carry a solid selection of tools for our build compatriots.

Every builder knows how important a good set of nylon tipped pliers are and what an elusive unicorn they can be. That’s why we commissioned our own pliers from experts in the dental industry to make us some pliers that would stand the test of time and constant handling. Deep ridges in the handle provide a firm grip and a single heavy duty leaf spring and precision hinge allow for smooth operation.

Atom Custom Designs Handheld Corrugator 

When building coils  with that wavy ribbon pattern incorporated you going to want a precision corrugator. Made of all metal, these beautifully machined tools give you a perfect wavy ribbon every time. These are the best corrugators available.

Atom Custom Designs Swivel Mount

Small and sleek, this swivel bearing set up is perfect for spinning wire. It can be bolted or clamped to your work surface. The solid, all metal design means there is no springiness in the device no matter how much tension is applied.

Orbit Spin

The Orbit Spin is an incredibly versatile bearing swivel setup. The bearings are high quality and spin very smoothly. The unique orbital connection means you don’t have to worry that if your drill is not perfectly in line with the swivel. The assembly will self adjust keeping your cores , drill and bearings perfectly inline for high speed rpms with no problems. Easily mounted to your work surface in a variety of positions with bolts or clamps.

Flush cutters are pretty self-explanatory and I don’t need to tell you why you’ll want to grab a set of these. We make a point of reordering these frequently so that there’s never a time we’re out of stock. There’s nothing worse than having to hunt around stores for a set of flush cutters when you can’t live without them. 

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