Coil Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

November 06, 2016

Coil Talk: Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a set of coils last me?

The short answer is, with proper care and cleaning a set of coils should last you at least a couple of months. It's not unusual for our coils to last three months or more with just a little attention and care though.

There are factors that will affect the longevity of your coils. Proper installation is key- you want to place the coils properly and work out any hot spots before you wick and vape. Lightly clean your coils regularly, again checking for any hot spots that may arise. (Use warm water, thermal shock will wear on your coils.) The kind of juice you use may affect your coils- some ejuices will gunk up your coils more quickly than others. Just keep them relatively clean and you'll be all right. Your settings will also affect longevity- if you're running your device really high all the time, that'll impact your coil-life. 

How do I clean coils?

It's super easy to clean coils. Shane has posted a short video to our YouTube channel that you can find here


How do I install coils?

Installing your first set of coils can be a little tricky but with practice you'll be able to do it in no time flat. Remember that proper installation is hugely important, so you'll want to get in a few practice tries before you leap straight into installing a higher end coil. Key things to remember: try to keep the coils balanced and aligned, make sure your distance from the posts to the coils is appropriate, pulse the coils (don't hold your finger on that fire button), and work out any hot spots. Shane has a short single coil install video that you can find here. And Matty Ice from Convicted Vapes has a good video of a dual coil install that you can find here.


What are hot spots?

 When you heat your coil, electricity follows the path created by the coil. Sometimes, the electricity will jump across the path, creating a short circuit or a "hot spot." Visually, it'll appear as a thin zag of bright red on your coil. Don't panic. Just very lightly rake the coil and adjust your coil if necessary until the hot spot(s) is gone. Remember: pulse the coil while you're doing this, don't hold that fire button down. 


Will my coils be those pretty colors?

Momentarily they will, especially stainless steel coils, but the beautiful colors that are so often seen in coil pictures are just a snapshot in time. Heat them a little bit more and they will lose the bright blues, pinks and purples and turn to a more grey-tone before turning almost black with use. 


Are all of your coils safe for any device?

No. You'll want to be familiar with your battery ratings and Ohms Law to determine which coils (more specifically: which resistances) are appropriate to your device(s). A build that works on one device may not be appropriate on another. Check out our article on Battery Safety here for some useful quick links. And if ever you're in doubt, ask. Safety first.


What's up with #TeamSingleCoil?

Some people prefer to run a single coil instead of a dual build. With this in mind, we offer a variety of coils that are ideally suited to a single coil build, like the lower resistance Framed Staple, Staggered Framed Staple and Alien Clapton (check the store for available options). Having said that, you can run any of our coils as a single and you can safely dual them up as well, on the appropriate devices. (Know your mechs folks, we can't stress this enough.) It's all down to your vaping preferences. 


Can you recommend coils?

Sure. Get in touch with us. With a little bit of background about the device(s) you're using, the RDAs or RDTAs you're looking to outfit, and the type of vaping experience you prefer, we can recommend several options for you. And we love talking vape, so don't be shy. 


Are custom coils really worth it?

You already know what we're going to say, right? Of course they are. A good set of coils will affect everything from the density of your vapour to flavour intensity, and they're going to last you. Quality coils are the cheapest investment you can make to up your vape game and enjoyment. 

Say you went with a set of Staggered Framed Staples (my current favourite) for $25 and let's say for the sake of argument that you got the bare minimum life expectancy out of them, two months. That works out to forty-two Canadian cents a day. 

I've personally been running the same Staggered Fraple single coil for over three months now, so even if it died on me tomorrow I'd be looking at fourteen cents a day for a set of these bad boys.

You can't beat the value for dollar. 

My question isn't listed...

Have a question we haven't answered, hit us up! We're always happy to talk to you.

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