Side by Side Comparison of Notion MTL and Mini Vert

September 21, 2020

Side by Side Comparison of Notion MTL and Mini Vert

We get a lot of questions from people asking us to compare the Notion MTL from Timesvape and the Mini Vert from Unicorn, so we thought it’d be fun to do a side by side comparison of these compact mechanical mods. While they do have a fair amount in common, there are some differences between the two that are worth noting. Let’s have a look at the two mechanical mods in depth. 

The Body:

Both the Mini Vert and the Notion MTL are powered by a 18350 or a 20350 battery. The bodies feature entirely different aesthetics though. The Mini Vert has an hourglass shape and fully removable hybrid caps, beauty rings, and switch. Slotted venting holes are cut into the hybrid caps. The Notion MTL breaks down into three component parts: the body (which encompasses the non-removable hybrid cap), the switch, and the adapter ring. Venting is provided at the top of the mod as well as through the switch. Both mods are extremely comfortable to hold and operate.


The Mini Vert measures slightly taller than the Notion MTL, at 61 mm compared to 60 mm. The Mini Vert measures 24 mm in diameter, with an extra hybrid top cap that measures 25 mm, making it ideally suited to a variety of popular atomizers. At only 108 grams, this solid brass little mod is easy to carry.

The Notion MTL weighs 114 grams. There are two adapter rings for the Notion: a 22 and a 24 mm ring. This is another key difference between the mods: atomizers will sit flush on top of the Mini Vert whereas they will sit inside the adapter ring of the Notion MTL. That is important to bear in mind when pairing atomizers with the Notion. An oversized atomizer will not fit on the Notion.


The Switches:

Mech enthusiasts are very particular about switches, for good reason, and the Mini Vert and the Notion both deliver in this department. Both are constant contact switches so you won’t end up with any arcing on your batteries. Each of the switches contain two springs. One is for automatic adjustment of the battery and keeps the contact plate firm against the battery. The other larger spring is for the switch button. The Notion and Mini Vert switches require similar force to operate. The Notion has about a 2mm travel, while the Mini Vert is about 1mm. After long term use, I’m happy to report both versions of mine have stood up to heavy use and still operate as new. It’s also worth noting that the switch on the Notion is the exact same one used on the Dreamer v1.5. 

Unicorn Vapes Mini Vert switch    Unicorn Vapes Mini Vert switch

Timesvape Notion MTL switch    Timesvape Notion MTL switch

Extras Included:

Both the Notion MTL and the Mini Vert come with adapters for size though how they accomplish this differs. The Notion MTL comes with two adapter rings, one 22 mm and one 24 mm, and the mod comes in a plastic, padded carry case. The Mini Vert comes with an extra hybrid cap (one 24 mm and one 25 mm), two stainless steel beauty rings that can be changed out with the matte black beauty rings, a battery adapter sleeve, and a spare spring for the switch. It comes in a small, solid construction box. 

Timesvape Notion MTL accessories     Unicorn Vapes Mini Vert box and accessories

What atomizer and coils to pair each with:

This is probably the biggest question that we get with the Notion MTL and the Mini Vert: what atomizer and which coils does it pair well with? As mentioned above, the Notion MTL is a little more finicky about which atomizers it will fit. The Reload MTL from Reload Vapor USA is a perfect fit though and complements the overall look beautifully. My preference is a single 5 wrap, 0.88 ohms MTL Fused coil in the Reload. Alternatively, a simple round wire build would also work. The Reload is a tight deck though, try to keep your coil at about 5 wraps to keep the install as easy as possible. 

[A brief side note: The top of the Notion is engraved with “Not recommended for use below 1.0 ohms”. The designer had this placed there to force people to think about battery safety. Let’s take a look at a couple examples. A 1.0 ohm build will pull 4.2 amps from a fully charged battery at 4.2 volts. 0.88 ohm build will pull 4.8 amps from the same battery. What’s important to know is how many amps your particular battery can deliver safely. The cells I use are rated for 7 amps meaning I could go with a build as low as 0.60 ohms.]

My favourite atomizer with the Mini Vert is the Brunhilde MTL. The 23 mm mouth to lung atomizer complements the Mini Vert beautifully. I like both the 0.99 ohm Staggered Fused  MTL  and the 1.0 ohm MTL Fused coils with this set-up, and I use them interchangeably. 

Price Point:

Both of these mods are a great price point, coming in well under $100 CAD. For such solid construction, they’re really fairly priced to be accessible to the widest possible market. The Notion MTL does come in slightly lower than the Mini Vert ($20 CAD less).

Which one is the winner?

It might not surprise you that I can’t pick a winner. The Mini Vert is slightly more versatile while the Notion beats the Vert on price. They’re very evenly matched otherwise. In an age where more cheap plastic or disposable products are being released onto the market daily, it is impressive that there are companies who are still focused on producing great quality, solidly constructed products at accessible prices. Both of these check those boxes. I own multiples of both the Notion and the Mini Vert and they’re great additions to my collection. If you’re in the market for something compact but don’t want to sacrifice quality, you can’t go wrong with either of these mods.

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