Unicorn Vert Review

September 03, 2019

Unicorn Vert Review

The Vert is the newest mechanical tube mod from Unicorn Vapes. Currently available in four finishes, this versatile mod has a lot of attributes to talk about. Aesthetically it’s just super sleek looking. The tapered hourglass shape not only looks really good but it makes the mod super comfortable to hold. This shape makes it easy to press the fire button while still maintaining a good grip on the device.

Production quality

The machining on every piece is done flawlessly, each component is crisp and clean. All the threading is cut in deep and is very smooth. The pieces all fit together perfectly and are nice and tight. Even the interchangeable rings are held snug with the use of O-rings. The tube itself is a solid, thick brass.

Unicorn Vert mech tube at Saddlehorseblues


With all the different battery types available, it’s great to see that the Vert works equally well with 18650, 20700 or 21700 cells. None of these require any adjustment as the spring loaded constant contact switch ensures there is never any battery rattle. The use of an 18650 does require using the included adapter sleeve on the battery.

As of right now the Vert is available in four finishes- a matte black, a textured black version, a "murdered out" (all black, including the rings) version, and a bare brass. The finish on the matte versions is an electroplated process, while the textured version is a baked on coating. 


The overall length of the Vert is 96mm and it weighs in at 150 grams. The hybrid top cap is 26mm in diameter. The widest parts of the mod near the top and bottom are 28mm. The middle is tapered down to 24mm. The switch assembly at the bottom with the recessed fire button is 24mm as well.


The Vert has safety features from top to bottom. The hybrid top cap has 3 large slotted vent holes. (If a battery ever does vent it will do so through the positive end. Always place the positive end of a battery near the mod’s vent holes.) On the underside of the cap is a recessed cup so that the battery wrap is all that touches the top cap. Inside the tube there is a delrin liner. This offers extra protection against shorts in case there is a tear in your battery wrap. (Every time you remove batteries or go to insert new batteries, with any mod: check your wraps.) The switch assembly has nice thick insulators in it as well so no current is carried through the springs. There aren’t a lot of high tech things you can do with a mech for safety features, but there are some basic design choices that a mech can incorporate, and the Vert has done them well.


This is one of the most important things most mech fans want to know about. The switch assembly is a constant contact design, meaning there will be no arc marks on your battery. The mechanism inside the switch is a clutch and ball system. (After a lot of heavy use, mine shows no arcing marks inside either.) The clutch plates, the contact and the firing pin are all silver coated so the conductivity in the switch assembly is excellent. The delrin insulators in the switch are formed to hold the springs in place. The contact and the firing pin are also well isolated from the switch housing. The tolerances for all the pieces of the assembly are perfect. You can tell they paid a lot of attention to detail in the machining process.

Unicorn Vert switch housing at saddlehorseblues

The throw is smooth and short, about 1.5mm. No matter how you push the button, the action is smooth, no crunchiness anywhere. It’s not overly stiff like some mods but it’s enough that it will never accidentally fire. 

Unicorn constant contact switch at saddlehorseblues

Note: due to Health Canada's regulations, we've removed any personal testimonial from this review. While we completely disagree that limiting our ability to share our expert opinion on products with adult customers will impact youth uptake of vaping, either positively or negatively, we are complying with the regulations. We have also censored our images in order to comply with the restriction on "character testimonials." 

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