Vape Safety Tip Sheet

January 25, 2019

Vape Safety Tips

It is important to be familiar with Ohm’s law and what resistance your batteries can safely handle. Do not attempt to build lower than the recommended resistance. A useful site is Also be sure to check out battery ratings by Mooch on Facebook (@batterymooch).

Read the manufacturer’s directions for use and care of your device. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask either the manufacturer or a reseller. Also, if your device suddenly starts behaving abnormally- stop using it. Investigate the issue and once it is determined to be safe and the issue is corrected, you can continue to use it. Otherwise, dispose of it in the appropriate manner for your region. 

It is critical that your batteries are in good condition. Make it a regular practice to check your battery wraps and top insulating ring for any small rips or tears. Do not use batteries with any damage! Re-wrap or replace.

Remove the batteries from any unused device(s). Do not leave batteries charging while you are away from home. Remove batteries from chargers/devices overnight. While this might seem excessively cautious to some, it is better safe than sorry. If a battery vents or a device auto-fires you need to be able to respond in real time, you don't want to be asleep in another room or away from home. 

Keep your batteries in self-contained cases or sleeves to prevent contact with coins, keys, and other metal objects. Never place loose batteries in pockets, purses, etc. There are lots of options for storing and carrying batteries.

Keep your device(s) clean. This is imperative. It is a good idea to give your device a quick wipe-down every day (around your 510 pin, contacts, switches, etc). Pick a schedule that you can stick to and clean your device thoroughly once a week.

Protect your device from extreme temperatures. Do not leave your device and/or batteries in a hot car, on a towel at the beach, etc.

And importantly- don’t hesitate to ask any question(s) you may have. Vaping is still relatively new to many people and if you have questions, you are not alone. Feel free to contact us any time at We’re here to help.

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