All Stars Edition

It's been our great treat to feature a variety of builders in our shop over 2018. We started off with a bang featuring Swivel Craft coils of the UK, and then on to R3aper Coils from Canada, and wrapped up the year with Saturation Station from the U.S.A.. The response was just the warm and welcoming one we were hoping for, with lots of customers reaching out to let us know how much they appreciated the individual coil builder features.

Well, have we got something special in store for you: we've brought all those builders back together and added our own coils for one great big All Stars Edition! You'll get to sample a set of each builder's coils in one package at a fantastic price! But don't sleep on these: we have a limited number of sets available and when they're gone, they're gone.

The All Stars Edition includes:

SaddlehorseBlues Tsuka Framed Staples: 28g N80 Frames, 6 x 0.4mm K1 Staples, 0.3mm N80 Tsuka Wrap 3.0mm ID, 0.23Ω per coil

Swivel Craft Staggertons6x0.4mm K1 ribbon staggered in 38g N80 with 2x(2xK1 ribbon frames) then framed by 2x28g N80, 3mm ID, 0.2Ω per coil

R3aper Quad Core Aliens30g K1/36g K1, 3mm ID, 0.32Ω per coil

Saturation Station's Interlocking Fraliens2 x 28g N80, 6 x 0.3 ribbon N80, 2 x 38g N80, 3mm ID, 0.22 Ω per coil


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