Coil Art Combo

We curated this collection for the coil connoisseur, the vaper who likes to shake things up and try something a little different. And if someone wants to take a look at what you've got under the hood, well have you got something to show them! We've taken some of our most visually stunning and interesting builds and wrapped 'em up in one convenient coil collection. Go ahead, show off a little. 

Tsuka Framed Staple: 28g N80 Frames 6 x 0.4mm K1 Staples 0.3mm N80 Tsuka Wrap 3.0mm 0.23Ω/per coil

Parallel Fused Claptons 28g/36g N80 paralleled with 28g/34g N80 Clapton 3mm 0.35Ω/per coil

Staged Aliens: 28/36 N80 Alien staged with 24g K1, 5/4 wrap, 3mm 0.16Ω/per coil

Juggernauts: 26g/36g N80 Claptons with 0.5mm K1 wrap 3mm 0.31Ω 

Staggered Framed Staples: 26g N80 Frame 36g N80 Stagger 38g N80 Fused 4 x 0.5mm Ribbon 3.0mm 0.18Ω/per coil


What can you expect from our custom coils? 


 Check out our install and cleaning tips. 


Note: Specs are listed PER coil. Packages are sold in sets of 2 (value packs are sets of 4). 

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