Flavour Chasers Combo

Hey flavour chasers, this package is for you! Of all the questions we get one of the most frequently asked is, "what are the best coils for flavour?" We'd put any of our coils up against the mass produced coils out there and are confident you'd notice an improvement in flavour, but we've put together a list of some of our top choices. 

Stainless steel Alien 28g SS316L/36g SS316L 6 wraps 3mm 0.25Ω/per coil 

Alien Framed Staples 28g N80 Frames 36g N80 Alien Wrap 0.4mm K1 Ribbonx6 3mm 0.23Ω/per coil

Staggered Framed Staples 26g N80 Frame 36g N80 Stagger 38g N80 Fused 4 x 0.5mm Ribbon 3mm 0.18Ω/per coil 

Staggered Fused Claptons 26g N80/36g N80 6 wraps 3mm 0.36Ω/per coil 

Stainless steel Fused (value pack of 4) 26g SS316L/36g SS316L 6 wraps 3mm 0.24Ω/per coil


What can you expect from our custom coils? 


 Check out our install and cleaning tips. 


Note: Specs are listed PER coil. Packages are sold in sets of 2 (value packs are sets of 4). 

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