Fujin 24mm

The Fujin 24 is a high-performance, functional piece of art. The Fujin from Aria Built and the Cloud Kicker Society features an 18650 stainless steel tube with a beautiful, black PVD finish in a two-tone matte and gloss finish.

The 24K gold plated top cap of the Fujin is a hybrid style for a direct battery-to-atty connection, and it has a delrin insulator to keep cool when creating massive clouds. For additional safety, the hybrid top cap also has a delrin insulator that keeps the battery from touching the cap.

The firing button assembly, also plated in 24K gold, features a huge, silver plated brass contact, custom epoxy coated magnets for optimum conductivity, an adjustable delrin contact insulator, side-channel battery vents, and an embossed relief of Fujin's face on the firing button. 


  • 24mm, 18650 stainless steel tube with a matte black finish over a black PVD gloss finish, exquisitely displaying the face of the Fujin
  • 24K gold plated, hybrid-style top cap with delrin insulator
  • 24K gold plated firing assembly with side-channel battery vent
  • Huge, silver-plated brass contact
  • Delrin contact insulator, adjustable for battery rattle
  • Custom epoxy coated magnets for optimum conductivity
  • 24K gold plated firing button with embossed relief of the Fujin's face
  • Individually serialized
  • Limited edition release
NOTE: Health Canada prohibits the “promotion of vaping products through testimonials or endorsements.” This includes the display of any items that may contain a real or fictional character, animal or human.

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