Fujin 24mm

The Fujin 24 is a high-performance, functional piece of art, and is a stunning addition to any collection.

The Fujin 24 from Aria Built and the Cloud Kicker Society features an 18650 stainless steel tube with a beautiful, black PVD finish that showcases the Japanese God of Wind in a two-tone matte and gloss finish. The 24K gold plated top cap of the Fujin is a hybrid style for a direct battery-to-atty connection, and it has a delrin insulator to keep cool when creating massive clouds. For additional safety, the hybrid top cap also has a delrin insulator that keeps the battery from touching the cap.The firing button assembly, also plated in 24K gold, features a huge, silver plated brass contact, our custom epoxy coated magnets for optimum conductivity, an adjustable delrin contact insulator, side-channel battery vents, and an embossed relief of Fujin's face on the firing button.


  • 24mm, 18650 stainless steel tube with a matte black finish over a black PVD gloss finish, exquisitely displaying the face of the Fujin
  • 24K gold plated, hybrid-style top cap with delrin insulator
  • 24K gold plated firing assembly with side-channel battery vent
  • Huge, silver-plated brass contact
  • Delrin contact insulator, adjustable for battery rattle
  • Custom epoxy coated magnets for optimum conductivity
  • 24K gold plated firing button with embossed relief of the Fujin's face
  • Individually serialized
  • Limited edition release

We think the black Twisted Messes Occula is the perfect match with the Fujin 24. To add the Occula to your Fujin purchase and save money, simply choose the combo from the drop-down option.

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