Handcrafted Wire Sticks: Variety Packs

Build like a pro, to your exact specifications, without any of the hassle. Want an extra wrap? A larger diameter coil? Leads specific to your deck? Now you can get SaddlehorseBlues handcrafted quality and build your own pro coils. 

Available in the following variety packs, all sticks measure 4.5" long:

4 Fused and 2 Aliens: $35
28/36 N80 Fused and 28/36 N80 Alien sticks or 28/36 SS316L Fused and 28/36 SS316L
Alien sticks
2 Staggered and 2 Aliens: $35
26/36 N80 Staggered and 26/36 N80 Aliens
2 Framed Staples, 2 Alien Framed Staples, 2 Staggered Framed Staples: $60
FS: 26gK1 Frames / 6ply 0.5mm Staples / 40g N80 Fuse
AFS: 28g N80 Frames / 6ply 0.4mm K1 Staples / 36g N80 Alien wrap
SFS: 26g N80 Frames / 4ply 0.5mm K1 Staples / 36g N80 Stagger / 38g N80 Fuse

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