Brass Katana from RNV Designs

Like you, this brass beauty knows that you don’t have to choose between style and substance. Solidly constructed and beautifully machined, the Katana is a classic that will serve you through the years.


-25mm diameter

-Height: 84mm, Weight: 153 grams

-Naval brass tube hybrid mech mod

-Hybrid top cap is copper

-Switch contact is copper inside of brass housing with two strong magnets

-Short throw on switch, heavy pressure, no grind

-Will develop a beautiful, natural patina over time

-Heavy weight, solid feel

-Ventilation at bottom of tube

-Uses an 18650 battery


*For advance users only. Please be aware of battery safety.

Read our review here


Check out the Vaping Bogan's review of the Katana. (Language warning.)

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