Loaded RDA Option

New to rebuildables but really want to try a particular atty? Or maybe you're just ridonculously busy and want to juice and go when your package comes in... We've got you covered. When you purchase any atomizer from us, you can choose the loaded option which includes a set of coils of your choice that we'll install, work out, and wick for you. Saving you time and money at the same time- can't beat that!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) add any atomizer to your cart

2) add the loaded option to your cart

3) specify your SaddlehorseBlues coil preference from our large selection in the "notes" section at checkout. You do not need to buy the coils separately- a set is included with the loaded option.

Not sure which coils will suit your particular set-up? Shoot us a message at saddlehorseblues@gmail.com. We're standing by and always happy to help.

*Coil options apply to all standard packages which come in sets of two, or four in the case of Fused Claptons. In the case of single coil attys, the unused coil will be included with your order. Requests for Fused will receive the remaining two (or three) coils packaged with your order.

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