Project Iona MK I

Designed in Britain, this precision engineered 25mm SS317L mechanical tube and matching RDA are a collector's dream. The perfectly executed engravings pop against the highly polished stainless steel and make this just a stunning mod to behold. 

The switch is spring loaded with a smooth throw. The dual airflow RDA features four very solid, beefy posts. The build space is designed so that the coils face each other in the middle of the deck leaving ample room for wicking and allowing the user to drip directly through the drip tip. 

Only 200 of these limited edition mods in existence.

Premium Iona MK1 Mod (25mm SS317L stainless steel)
Premium Iona RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) (25mm SS317L stainless steel)
Authenticity Card (2mm thick, SS317L stainless steel)
Tools & Spares
Product Safety Booklet

Coils featured in picture 5: SHB 0.33 Ohms Staggered Fused Claptons

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