Vape Stash Drip Tips

From Canada's own Vape Stash, these meticulously handcrafted, impeccable quality, drip tips are available in a wide variety to suit your exact preferences. Treat your atomizer to something special.

Group A

These acrylic curved tips will fit most 810 atomizers including the Goon, the Druga, Kennedy, Griffin, TFV8/12/Big Baby and more.

810 fit

Bore: 9.5mm

17mm at base

Height: 15mm

Group B

These low-rider Goon tips are crafted from resin and will fit your Goon RDAs as well as many Goon-style atomizers. Please note these particular tips do not come with o-rings (all others do).

Goon fit

Width: 17.5mm

Height: 8mm

Group C

These tips are for those vapers who like a little more length. Crafted from resin, they are meant to fit most 810 atomizers.

810 fit

Bore: 9.5mm

Width: 14mm

Height: 14mm

Group D 

"The Norman" is a sexy little resin tip that’ll increase your atomizer’s appeal in a heartbeat! Will fit most 810 caps including the TFV8/12/Big Baby, Griffin, and Goon.

810 fit

Width: 16mm

Height: 10mm

Group E 

Spice up your 810 atomizers with these resin low-riders! With so many great options, you’ll be hard-pressed to choose.

810 fit

Width: 17.5mm

Height: 8mm

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